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Letter to the Editor: Towering Tree


by Gabe Bullaro

Towering Tree

From the fiery arrows of the sun up in the sky,

I gladly shielded you and your children as you walked by.

The summer gentle wind I made my leaves sieve

To give you the cool warmth and aura you loved to receive.

The two-winged chirpy animals after their day’s hover

Would sit on my limbs, each chanting alluring tunes about its sweet lover.

To the flying mothers, my boughs gave assurances that are so earnest;

To hold each mother and several babies in every nest.

During the fall, I never failed to drop beautiful colored flowers and leaves

To remind you of the beauty and splendour that Mother Nature gives.

I always basked in euphoria at the sight of your footprints in the fresh fallen pristine snow and

The crisp clear children’s voices erupted in me, undiluted joy, as they chit chat happily, hand in hand.

Circulating blades I heard on the fateful late afternoon,

The time of the day, when the sun was retiring to pave way for the moon.

I felt the wrath of a motor driven saw

Forcing itself into my body; making my body and bone grow really sore.

Lost in utter shock and disbelief, I couldn’t help but ask;

Oh great saw! For what reason have you chosen me for your task?

The intimidating screeching of the speeding blades suppressed my cry for help.

Those around me, my mates; my admirers and detesters, whose ears registered my teary yelp

Dreaded my fate and kept mum, watching me helplessly in cold fright,

For none dared protest this unfair and undeserving treatment that beheld each sight.

My parts were severed with no modicum of pity for my salient pitiable tones,

And discarded at the neighbouring dump like unwanted worthless bones.

I was humbled to a humiliated stump, half alive, half dead.

Still here in our Arboretum, with roots in the ground strongly embedded.

Though reduced to a stump, bereft of branches and leaves with the pain so hard to bear,

I will continue to tell my tale to you and all who have ears to hear.


                          SAVE OUR ARBORETUM

Gabriel Bullaro


** this letter does not reflect the views of Banana Tree News

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