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LTE: In Support of Michelle Torpey and Eileen Hillock


This upcoming election for town council has four outstanding candidates who I have nothing but the highest respect for.   To enter this arena and want to give your time and energy for the citizens of Glen Rock is both appreciated and admirable.

This election, like all local elections, is not about party lines it is about the persons who offers the skill sets that are needed to provide leadership for those issues that make Glen Rock tick.   They need to manage the town budget, they need to oversee the different departments in town and ensure they are running in an efficient and effective manner.  They need to have the experience to manage people and to manage expectations of current and future projects that the council is responsible for.  They need to have been involved in the town and know the pulse of the people and know what is important to us all.

Eileen Hillock and Michelle Torpey  have all these qualifications and more.  Their resumes are brilliant and both have a proven record of handling not only budgets, but people and most importantly are problem solvers who get things done.  This job as a councilperson takes a lot of time, and we need to have people who have the time for the job, and are able to handle the long hours and ever changing situations that happen each week.  Eileen and Michelle are more than ready for these challenges, and Glen Rock needs these skill sets on the council.

Both Eileen and Michelle have impeccable credentials both professionally and within the service, they give to Glen Rock each day.  Eileen has been involved in the community as a volunteer for years and is currently on the BOE and the Chamber of Commerce.  Michelle has been elected three time as President of the Byrd School HSA and been an active member of our community for over a decade as well.

It is with tremendous ease that I support Eileen Hillock and Michelle Torpey for council and I hope that you will consider the person and not the party on Tuesday when you cast your vote for council.   The resumes speak for themselves, and the commitment to the town of Glen Rock that they have shown is inspiring.   Vote for Michelle and Eileen.

Michael O’Hagan, Councilman

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