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Letter to the Editor in Support of Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich


Let me preface that I am a current council member, I will not make veiled insinuations in my endorsement and I will work respectfully alongside whoever wins in November.

I am proudly fourth-generation born and raised in Glen Rock When people talk about how the town has changed, I agree, it has, just as it should. And with change, there is progress and forward momentum.  I appreciate my new and old neighbors; I revel in the opportunity to learn about new ideas, cultures and traditions.  The Glen Rock of today is not better or worse than the Glen Rock of yesterday…. It is just different and that is what makes it beautiful.  In that spirit, I am pleased to endorse Dr. Arati Kreibich and Council President Amy Martin – two women who share my feelings about our great town.

Dr. Arati Kreibich emotes a sense of thoughtful purpose and drive. She is passionate, sympathetic and open to hearing all the facts before choosing a side.  Her questions have been educated and precise; her analytical skills devour anyone on the current council.  I appreciate and respect her for asking me the right questions about local government and she was able to retain the facts.  This was evident during the debate.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Amy Martin for 2 years on the Council.  I will attest that working with her is effortless.  Amy is an affable council presence – she listens and is always open to discussion.  While she champions specific causes (Farmers Market, Ridgewood Water, and Environmental) she is never forceful or overbearing with her plans.  She allows us all to weigh in, disagree and compromise.  I appreciate the times she has made herself available to work out details, discuss options and brainstorm.

I humbly ask that you all do your research and consider this letter – and join me in voting for Dr. Arati Kreibich and Amy Martin on November 7th.

Very truly yours,

Kristine Morieko

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