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Reasons to Advertise on Banana Tree News 

The most complete internet “go-to” for all Glen Rockers for local sports, school, and local news.

Independently published – your ad won’t be competing with national ads and will be relevant to Glen Rock area readers. Think targeted demographics and local, local, local!

Cost-effective and simple – your ad campaign can be up and working for you in a matter of hours.

Easily track your ROI with our monthly ad tracking reports

One on one support for you and your business, need to change your ad tomorrow for an upcoming event? No problem! Want to discuss options for marketing your business? We can stop by. Don’t just be a cog in the ad agency money machine, advertise with Glen Rock News and find your voice.

  • Promote your business online 24/7
  • Long term ads to reinforce your brand awareness and increase your following in the Glen Rock area
  • Showcase business events, sales, products, or services even when your doors are closed.
  • Post your special events in the community calendar
  • Your ad will be tagged and appear in popular search engines
  • Your ad can link Glen Rock News readers to your website or event page.

Local news, local conversations, AND value!

Getting your brand and message in front of the right audience is key to your success. Glen Rock News offers several options to get your business seen quickly, repetitively, and affordably so that you can easily target our 32,000 dedicated monthly readers who love to support local businesses.

Digital Advertising Options with Banana Tree News

Box Ad – right side of the page or in article

300 x 300, 300 x 600 or 600 x 800

Leadership Board Ad – top or bottom of article or page

970 x 250

Billboard Ad – prominent top of page ad

2000 x 500

Business card ad

150 x 300

Free Business Directory
Featured Business Directory 
Free Calendar listing
Featured Local Events Calendar listing
Sticky Note – a great addition to your campaign to catch the reader’s attention with an important announcement or call to action

See all ad options here

There is no impression limit on the standard box, tile, or stamp ads. Standard ads are shuffled on the page with each page view, all ads receive equal placement on the page. GIF, JPG, PNG ad formats, no animation. Impression and click report available upon request at no charge.

All ads include social media, a calendar of events listings, and monthly tracking reports.

Try a 3, 6, or 12-month campaign – consistency, consistency, consistency, the key to all things successful.

Catch even more attention with a Youtube, Facebook, or Sticky Note addition to your Campaign



Glen Rock News has a limited amount of sponsorships available.

Sponsorships include ongoing editorial and updates about your business including Employee of the Month, new practitioners, fundraisers, special events, new inventory, the possibilities are endless! 

GROW WITH US and reach your targeted local audience EVERY DAY!

For our Media Kit or to schedule an appointment,
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