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Eye of a Photographer – Harlem Wizards


In this weeks  Eyes of a Photographer,  I will be  talking about a photo I took last year when shooting the Harlem wizards Basketball game-event at Glen Rock High School.  For those who have never been to a Wizards game the event is not really about the Basketball.  It’s  more about the fun tricks and the money raised goes to  the Byrd School HSA,  so the true winner is Byrd School.

I call this photo “Showtime”.  Why do I call it Showtime? Well, when the game was going on I was watching how the wizards players ware slam dunking  and doing stuff that you might see in a  NBA live video game or when you watch the NBA all-star Saturday  night slam Dunk contest or even the 1996 movie Space Jam.  Because this photo can fit into any of that media, the name showtime stuck. This photo amazed a lot of people including  some of the Girls Basketball team.

This photo took about 100 tries  to get it right.  As the game/ event was winding down,  I was starting to wonder if  I might not get the action shot I really wanted and might have to try again in 2018.  I never gave up.  I will do anything to get my shot.  For this one I stood by the bleachers  behind the basket hoping maybe I could get that shot I was trying to get.

Using a Tamron 70-200mm,  I was able to get the shot I wanted. My settings I had my ISO up to 6400 because of the lighting of the gym and my Shter speed 1-1000 with my Appter set at 2.8 letting me freeze the Action.

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