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In The Eyes of a Photographer – a foggy day


In this week in the Eyes of a Photographer I’m going to be talking about a photo that I took in Bar Harbor Maine. It is of some boats in the fog. Before we get started talking about the photo, Let us talk  a little bit about Bar Harbor.  Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert island Along Maines Frenchman Bay.  It sits right next to Acadia National Park on the Atlantic Ocean.If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might recall I wrote about this fog and how it was sitting over the Gulf of Maine and later in the day it would come inland and cause low visibility. 

The Day after was not a nice day out. When it was not raining,  it was just damp and foggy.  Because I never shot in or been in that bad fog before, I decided to go to Bar Harbor to see it. I was thinking,  “if I could work my settings out on the Camera it might make for an interesting shot”. This shot,  I will say took some time and luck to get it right. In fact, I couldn’t even get the shot right.  The settings and trying to getting tips online -using my phone did nothing to help. Luck came as I was walking around and ran into another photographer. We got talking and I  asked him how to do you shoot in Fog? This man was so nice. He stood with me and showed me how to do it for a good 45min. I was given a whole lesson on shooting in fog.  I tried to pay him for his time, but he said, “don’t worry about it I get asked all the time for help.” 

What I love about this photo is that the fog in the background makes it feel like a scene out of a spooky movie with all the Porcupine Islands in the background. 

How did I get this?  I followed what the guy told me to do –  use the boats as the subject of the picture, so the fog is in the background.  Using a Tamron 17-50MM lens I zoomed in on 30mm, put my ISO to 100 my Shutter speed 1/1000 and aperture set at 3.2 and that was it. I hope you enjoyed this week in the Eyes of a Photographer. 

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