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Eyes of a Photographer – Jamaica Blues


In this weeks in the eyes of a photographer I’m going to be talking about a photo taken in Ocho Rios Jamaica outside the park of Dunn’s River Falls back in 2014.
I first saw this as I was walking into Dunn’s River Falls. As soon as I saw this I took a note that before I leave I’m getting that photo. I did just that just before my tour bus left to take me back to my ship – Cruise of the Western Caribbean.
 I told the tour bus that I would be right back I want to take a quick photo. Time was on my side to get this shot,  but not a lot,  just enough to get a good shot.
Now,  what I love about this photo I took is it has everything.  One might think of the Caribbean clear blue water,  plants and Cruise liners.  It reminds me of a photo that a cruise line might use to sell their line because dead center you got the NCL Epic ship.  This photo really is in paradise and is just an easy photo to look at, especially on those bitter cold February days when the temps might not get to 30.  The photo just has a feel good thing to it.
Now you might be asking what setting I used to get this photo? I used a 70-300MM lens for this photo.  I had a ISO of close to 400 with a Shutter speed of 1/500 with my aperture setting at F / 13.0. This is a darker setting for this kind of outdoor shot.  I was shocked when the photo came out so nice.
Now you might be saying, “Surly he edited this photo”. Yes I did. In fact,  I played a lot with this photo.  First, I played with the levels so that all the colors were level.  Second, I got rid of any shadows.  I then did something I don’t often do with my photos,  that’s up the blue up along with the Greens.  I found that it made the water look like a painting.  It also made the ship stand out more.  I hope you have enjoyed this week in the eyes of a photographer. 

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