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Glen Rock Police Blotter



9:16 PM –  A Glen Rock man reported that in 2014 he entered into a contract for the purchase and restoration of an antique vehicle, making payments totaling $15,000.  Subsequently the vehicle was moved from Park Ridge to an autobody shop in the Bronx owned by a third party.  The induvial with whom the agreement was made later moved out of state. The autobody shop, who was not part of the initial agreement, took a lien on the vehicle for storage charges in 2017.  A review by the Detective Bureau, in cooperation with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, determined that no transaction had occurred in Glen Rock, further that the nature of the matter is civil, not criminal.  The complainant has been advised of his options and the matter has been closed as the GRPD does not have jurisdiction to proceed further.  


10:09 PM –  A senior citizen reported that an unknown individual had made two attempts to defraud her through what is known as the “grandparents” scam.  On two consecutive days one caller claiming to be her granddaughter and another claiming to be her grandson contacted her stating they had been arrested and needed bail money.  They attempted to convince her to send $ 4,200 in Target gift cards.  Immediately recognizing this as a scam she did not respond.  


10:10 AM – A resident on the 500 block of Rock Road reported that her unlocked vehicle had been entered overnight while parked in her driveway overnight.  In the morning she found the trunk and windows were open, nothing in the vehicle appeared to be missing or disturbed.  She did not see or hear anything overnight, there are no known witnesses and no similar reports were filed in the area. 


9:00 PM – The parent of the Glen Rock High School student reported that her son’s I-Phone 7 was stolen from the boy’s locker room at the school.  The theft is reported to have occurred between 3:15 PM and 7 PM while her son was participating in a school sporting event.  

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