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GRPD Police Blotter January 15th – 21st, 2018


WINTER REMINDERAll residential and commercial property owners with sidewalks on their property near the street are reminded of their obligation to clear snow and ice.  If there is a fire hydrant on the property that too must be cleared. This must be completed within 24 daylight hours after the end of any snowfall. At this time of year 24-daylight hours is approximately two days.  Following the last two snow falls a Special Officer was detailed to located uncleared sidewalks and issued a total of 13 warning notices.  Property owners who may be out of town, or not currently occupying their home or businesses, are reminded that they are still responsible to ensure that their sidewalks are cleared.


11:19 AM –  A Glen Rock resident reported discovering a total of $ 5,448.59 in unauthorized transactions on her Citibank Visa Card.  All of the transactions occurred on-line between November 2017 and the date of her report.  The transactions involved an on-line cosmetics company, Rodan + Fields, as well as the on-line Apple Store.  The credit card has since been canceled and the matter is currently being reviewed by the Detective Bureau.


2:12 AM –  During the course of a motor vehicle stop in the area of Fairview Avenue, P.O. John Tarantino arrested a 37-year-old Mahwah man on narcotics charges. The man was found to be in possession of Suboxone and two hypodermic syringes.  He was transported to police HQ where he was processed and released pending an appearance before the Superior Court Central Judicial Processing in Hackensack on January 26th, 2018.  Traffic summonses for Failure to Remove Snow or Ice from Vehicle, Maintenance of Lamp and Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle were also issued.


4:39 PM – During the course of a motor vehicle stop on Lincoln Avenue, P.O. Murray Yang arrested a 22-year-old Hawthorne woman for possession of Marijuana under 50 grams.  The woman was processed at police HQ and released pending an appearance in Glen Rock Municipal Court on February 13th, 2018.  She was also issued traffic summonses for Careless Driving, Driving with a Suspended License, Improper Safety Glass and Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle.


11:43 PM – A Gibson Place resident reported finding the door to his unlocked vehicle ajar when he went to work in the morning.  He further reported that the passenger seat was found in reclined position.  As the caller waited hours to report his observations and declined to be interviewed by an officer this report is classified as unconfirmed.  There are no known witnesses.

Another Gibson Place resident reported that she believed her vehicle’s mirror had been moved.  There was no damage done to the vehicle nor was there any evidence of anything being taken.

Residents are reminded of the importance of locking their vehicles and asked to promptly report suspicious activity.


11:52 AM – The owner of a Rock Road nail salon reported that on December 11th, 2017 a bank envelope containing $ 3,700 was missing from a desktop in the salon.  The complainant initially thought that the envelope of misplaced, but after weeks of searching she know believes it was stolen.  The Detective Bureau is reviewing the matter.

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