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Letter in Support of Dr. Arati Kreibich and Amy Martin 

Though many are disillusioned with today’s political parties, there are a couple of groups on the political landscape that I find far more detrimental —  I call them the fecklessly cynical and the hopelessly saccharine.Those in the former camp, at their worst, decry all elected officials as useless, and then shrug their shoulders and walk away, believing themselves helpless to bring about change. Those in the latter traffic in platitudes and gloss over real problems, insisting not only that the glass is half full, but that it doesn’t need more filling.

Dr. Arati Kreibich and Amy Martin defy such categorization, however. I’ve gotten to know them in recent months and, in that time, they managed to touch this cynical writer’s heart. For Amy and Arati, public service isn’t a hobby or a leisure pursuit they’ve deemed worthy of their attention only upon retirement. It is a calling. When you hear them speak, you hear their genuine commitment to improving the lives of the people of our community. These two down-to-earth, hard-working moms know that Glen Rock is a wonderful town, but they’re not afraid to call attention to the places where we fall short. Nor are they afraid to roll up their sleeves and tackle our problems head-on, researching, debating and collaborating with others to figure out solutions on issues ranging from tax concerns to public safety.
I can’t wait to see Amy reelected to the Town Council and Arati make her debut. They make an inspiring team and represent the best of Glen Rock. They’re who I want on the borough council and who I’ll be voting for next month. I hope you’ll consider doing the same.
Alice Gomstyn
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