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Radio vendor Chosen to increase the communications within the schools

Submitted by Mayor Bruce Packer

IN 2018, a team comprised of emergency personnel, school officials, and Borough officials came together with the goal of optimizing radio reception within School building. Several communication security vendors were brought in to assess the current situation and recommend any potential improvements.


We are pleased to share that, at a recent meeting of the Board of Education (BOE), ProComm was selected as the vendor of choice and was awarded a contract for service.

Details regarding any security plan must be kept confidential but, once again, I would like to thank our Radio Task Force, which was lead by Office of Emergency Management members Sergeant Greg Carter and Glen Rock Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Tom Jennings. We are thankful for the cooperative effort that also included Superintendent Bruce Watson, the BOE, the school security team, and the Mayor and Council.

If you have any questions on the resolution that was approved by the BOE which authorized the awarding of the contract, please feel free to reach out to BOE President Sharon Scarpelli at [email protected]

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