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Glen Rock is Blue for the month of April

The blue is to show support for Autism Awareness Month


Participants in the Autism Week presentations were (from left) Hamilton School Principal Irene Pierides, Behaviorist Dr. Gina Restivo, parent Kristine Gifford, parent Christina Peck, Director of Special Services Dr. Linda Edwards, parent Nicole Redmond, parent Michelle Torpey, parent Michelle Hallajian, Glen Rock Middle School Principal Dr. Jennifer Wirt, LDT/C Victoria Billeter and Psychologist Dr. Melissa Silverman.

On April 1st, 2017 the Borough of Glen Rock is going blue to show awareness of Autism.

Christina Peck wanted to do this to help make people aware of Autism. Christina also had support from Dr Gina Restivo, Glen Rock School Psychologist , and Michael O’Hagan, Borough Councilman to make this Awareness event come to life.

To kick off Autism awareness month  Glen Rock parents, staff and administrators made a presentation to the Glen Rock Board of Education at the March 27 Regular Meeting. Organizers shared reading the stanzas from Emily Perl Kingsley’s poem, “Welcome to Holland,” which describes the experience of raising a child with Autism through a metaphorical perspective of planning a trip to Italy but suddenly finding oneself in Holland.

This weekend Christina and several volunteers are putting up blue ribbons up and down the Central Business District.

Events include:

Monday, April 3: Be Cool, Wear Blue to School
Tuesday, April 4: Get your FREE blue hair today! Studio 5, Glen Rock located on Broad Street will provide blue hair clips from 4-8 p.m. Donations will go to the special schools which educate Glen Rock students with Autism.
Wednesday, April 5: Run/walk for Autism
Thursday, April 6: Wear your favorite blue jersey and come to Francesca’s where a portion of sales will also support the special schools.
Friday, April 7: Art Exhibit and Autism books

Councilman O’Hagan was an asset to making this event happen by approaching the council and Mayor to support this event last year.

When asked, he stated that he supported this because he felt that it was very important issue for all to understand the scope of Autism, and break down the barriers and stigmatism of Autism. Christina and Her family are a wonderful asset to the Glen Rock Community.”

Tyler is an amazing 10 year old with autism who has an unique talent for art and trains.

IMG_6180His artwork has been made into notecards and made thousands last year with 100% going to autism speaks. He also was the first ever featured artist (let alone 8 year old) last year at met life for the autism speaks walk last May.  Christina also mentioned that Tyler knows all the Nj and NY train lines and also takes a social skills class in Brooklyn weekly at the NYC transit museum.




As you walk around Glen Rock, you will see 80 Blue bows created and donated by Walter Perry of Perry’s Florist. Christina and her family have made even more for people to hang on their businesses and homes.

Christina is asking the community to show their support by putting a blue light int he front of their home. You can purchase regular, spiral and flood bulbs. There are also blue bows available at Christinas house:

17 Windham Place, Glen Rock.



Even Christina’s dog goes blue! FullSizeRender









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