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GR Police Blotter December 4th, 2017 and December 10th, 2017



12:53 PM – A Valley Road resident reported that a UPS package was stolen on or about December 2nd.  According to UPS the package had been delivered on December 2nd, however, the resident never received it.  There are no known witnesses.


3:20 PM –  A resident reported that an unknown individual made a hotel reservation at a New Orleans hotel in her name.  She learned of this through an Expedia confirmation notice.  Through an inquiry with Expedia it was learned that payment was made via a pre-paid credit card.  The reservation has since been canceled and no other fraudulent activity has been reported.


10:30 AM –  The Essex County Sheriff’s Department recovered a pick-up truck which had been stolen from a parking lot on Lincoln Avenue on November 24th.  The vehicle was located by one of their officers while on patrol in the City of Newark.  The owner was notified and indicated he would respond to pick up this vehicle. He declined to cooperate with further investigative efforts.  The case has therefore been closed.


7:18 PM – Patrols responded with the Glen Rock Fire Department to a 9-1-1 report of a stove fire at a Maple Avenue residence.  Upon arrival P.O. Murray Yang was able to bring the fire under control with the fire extinguisher from his patrol vehicle.  Fire Fighters checked for a further extension of the fire and vented smoke from the home.  The cause was found to be unattended bacon which had been left cooking in a pan on the stovetop.


5:55 AM –  An electrical contractor reported that his company truck was broken into while it was parked at the Main Line Train Station.  An undetermined amount of work equipment was taken from the vehicle.  An inventory is pending from the contractor.  There are no known witnesses.  Anyone who may have observed anything is asked to contact the Glen Rock Police Detective Bureau at (201) 670-3947 or (201) 670-3948.


3:16 PM – A senior citizen reported receiving two suspicious phone calls over the last week, both of which appeared to be scams targeting the elderly.  In one call a call claimed to be an attorney who left a message that she was a prize winner and wanted a return call so that she could claim her prize.  The second call was from a man claiming to represent the “Multi State & Lottery Association” telling her that she won a prize and wanted to come to her home to deliver the check. The caller wanted to know if the resident was alone and offered to send a security guard to accompany her to her bank.

Recognizing these attempts as potential scams, the alert resident declined to provide any information and declined any further contact.


2:35 AM – Patrols, along with the Glen Rock Fire Department and Ridgewood Water, responded to a water condition inside a condo on Daryl Court.  A resident reported that an excessive amount of water was entering their unit from the condo next door. The resident of that condo was not home at the time.

Investigation found that a malfunction in a hot water heater had caused a fire which was extinguished by a sprinkler head in the utility closed over the unit.  After the fire was extinguished the water continued to flow and no alarm activated.  The condition was attended to by the Fire Department, Ridgewood Water and PSE&G.  Both condo units sustained extensive water damage.  A follow-up inspection by the building department will be conducted.

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