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Glen Rock Board of Education settles on candidate for interim school superintendent

Former Fair Lawn superintendent Bruce Watson is in negotiations for a contract


Glen Rock Board of Education president Bryon Torsiello (above left) says the board is in negotiations with a candidate to replace Superintendent Paula Valenti (center), who is retiring in June. BTN File photo

The Glen Rock Board of Education is in negotiations with a former superintendent of the Fair Lawn school district to step in as the interim replacement for retiring superintendent Paula Valenti.

Board president Bryon Torsiello said he would not identify the candidate because negotiations are still ongoing, but BTN has confirmed that the candidate is Bruce Watson, who served as superintendent of Fair Lawn schools for 15 years before retiring last year and taking a job in upstate New York.

Asked when he expected to complete the hiring of Watson, Torsiello said he hopes it will be soon. Valenti’s retirement is effective June 30.

“I’m hoping the process doesn’t take too long,” he said. “It’s the first time I’ve gone through it.”

Valenti, who has been superintendent in Glen Rock since 2013, announced her retirement at the Board of Education’s April 3 meeting, and the board decided to pursue an interim superintendent, rather than a permanent superintendent because hiring an interim “allows us to select an interim and then do a permanent search without rushing the process,” Torsiello said.

Torsiello said the board put together a search committee of himself, vice president Sharon Scarpelli and member Rona McNabola, who had been on the board the last time it went in search of a superintendent. The committee identified Watson, and recommended him to the full board, and the board met with him.


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