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Easter Bunny goes Eco Friendly


The Grow-Cery easter bunny visited town and spread 144 eco friendly  eggs for children to find.

Between March 22-28 Children of all ages can find these eggs scattered around the Rock Road business district.

Each egg  contains stickers and a rewards card that the first purchase stamped on it Some eggs may contain a special card inside it. If you find one of these cards bring it down to the Grow-cery at 190 Rock Road and collect your extra prize.

Since there is only 144 eggs out there, it has been requested that only 1 egg per child so that all the children have a chance to find one.

If you want to see what these eggs look like, stop by the Grow-cery to see them. The easter bunny has left some packages there for you to look at or purchase for your own easter egg hunt.


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