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GR Anchor helps flooded victims in LA


Joan Hirning is a long time resident of Glen Rock. If anyone knows Joan, she makes friends within a moment of meeting a person. 5 years ago, Joan met Jess, from Louisiana, when they were stuck at the same motel in Charleston, SC due to a cancelled flight,.There they became instant friends after a long dinner and lots of talk,

Through a recent conversation, Joan found out that Jess’s family was affected by the terrible storms and flooding in Louisiana. They, like many of them, lost everything and need help rebuilding their life.  

Joan stated,  I am hoping to send some stuff to her…what she can’t use, she will share with others struggling under the same circumstances. They have to start over.

Photo by: Simon Toffell

Joan is looking for any donations to send to this family. Right now she has already sent out one box and is planning to send out more. The question being asked by current and former Rockers is what is needed and where do we drop off.


What is needed? anything. The family included, Jess her husband, a 5yo girl (5t) and a dog. All are safe. What ever is not used it will be passed on to other people in need.

Where to drop off: 761 Prospect St, Glen Rock

Joan is constantly and consistently concerned about those who are in need. She takes action instead of just talking about it.

Terri Caust


Joan is an amazing person and I’m not surprised at all to see her spearheading this great cause. And obviously the outpouring of support from our community to help people in need just highlights the tremendous character of so many of our residents. My family and I look forward to helping out.”

Bill Sonzogni

As BTN has followed this story and has talked to other residents. This is a town to come home to. People state that Glen Rock is in its own bubble, its true. We come together and go above and beyond to help others.


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