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GR/RWD mutual EMS Drill



On Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 10:00 AM, the Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corp and the Ridgewood Ambulance and Emergency Services conducted a training exercise at the Glen Rock High School. There was a large presence of emergency medical personnel, ambulances and emergency vehicles at the High School  This drill was coordinated by Captain Murray Yang, of the Ridgewood Ambulance Corp, under the direction of Chief Tony Lillo, Ridgewood Emergency Services, Chief Ed Esposito, Glen Rock Ambulance Corp, Chief Dean Ackermann, Glen Rock Police. The exercise was developed for the evaluation on the readiness of our emergency medical personnel, from radio communications, to evacuation procedures, and treatment protocols.  The Officers and Participants had a briefing following the exercise  assess any further training in which will be necessary in case a devastating incident occurs in our jurisdictions. The lessons learned  from this exercise will be a basis for setting procedures  and updating protocols for the cooperation and collaboration between Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps  and Ridgewood Emergency Services.  
Volunteers are always needed In Glen Rock Rock and in Ridgewood. If you are interested and have the time for a rewarding commitment, please contact either department at or

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