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New Chief of Police gets Sworn in


On 8/31/2016 the GRPD Chief of police baton was passed on to Sgt. Dean Ackermann. Sgt. Ackermann has been part of law enforcement for 33 years. His first 3 years of Law enforcement was with NJ Transit before coming to Glen Rock in 1986.

My desire was to work in a community similar to the Pascack Valley area where I grew up and where I served as a Police Reserve. I considered Glen Rock to be the best of several communities which had offered me the opportunity at that time.

Since Joining Glen Rock, Sgt. Ackermann has moved up the rank to Detective in 1996 and Sergeant in 2006. Prior to his promotion, he was PBA president for over a decade.

IN addition to his role as Sergeant, he held a  duel role of Patrol Tour Commander and Records Bureau Supervisor. 

For over 20 years Sgt. Ackermann was also involved as the Domestic Violence Liaison Officer / Training Officer. During this time he watched the GRPD evolve from hand written reports to a 21st century state of the art headquarters.

“With the events of the past years, I had intended to retire at the end of 2016. However, the Mayor and Council’s recent actions to support an open environment based on expanded communication, training, and leadership skills, coupled with the collective urging of my co-workers, caused me to reconsider that decision. The importance of good sound police management’s relation to the quality of life in our community cannot be overemphasized. Effective leadership is the key to improving the administration of police service in Glen Rock and beyond. It became clear to me that my job was not done and I feel lucky that I have been selected to lead the Glen Rock Police Department during the next years toward those goals in a positive manner.”

During The swearing in of Sgt. Dean Ackermann and the 4 new GRPD officers, the Mayor and council took time to welcome the new members of the force. Mayor Packer,  Councilwomans’ Mary Jane Surrago, Amy Martin and Kristine Morieko also took a moment to thank OIC Lt. Dan Dour for his years of service.

I look forward to working with our new Chief, Dean Ackermann, as we continue to bring both the Glen Rock Police Department and the Borough forward toward an increasingly brighter future.

Mayor Bruce Packer


Congratulations to Chief Ackermann.  I wish him success in his new position and look forward to him leading this tremendous group of Glen Rock Police Officers for many years. His experience in all phases of the department over the years will be a tremendous asset to our town. All the best and look forward to working with you

Councilman Mike O’Hagan


Through the interview process we saw how dedicated Chief Ackermann is towards training in leadership and management skills – he is committed to it and will build an organization upon this Foundation. IT will serve Glen Rock well into the future and he is the individual to make this happen. I congratulate him tonight as he begins the next part of his journey with Glen Rock.

Councilman Skip Huisking


Dean Ackermann has proven himself throughout the recruitment process for the office of Chief to be very well qualified for the position.  I wish him much success as he takes on the challenge of rebuilding the command staff of our police department, overseeing in-service training requirements for our current officers, while also providing guidance to our new officers who are attending the police academy and expected to join the department soon.

Councilwoman Mary Jane Surrago


I welcome the officers and congratulate Dean on his appointment. I  Wish them the best of luck.  Thank you to the current force for all they do. Our new GRPD members will be a valued asset to our town.

Councilwoman Amy Martin


welcome to new officers to GR and congrats to Dean we are looking forward to working w you and all great work you will continue to do. thank you.

Councilwoman Kristine Morieko


Photo: Simon Toffell


Thank you for coming and to my wife Lauren, my family and the mayor and council for having  confidence in me. It was current and former officers that encouraged me to do this.  We have a lot to accomplish and am looking  forward and not back.

Photo: Simon Toffell

We all are extremely proud of Dean and his accomplishments. Over the years we have witnessed his dedication and commitment to the GRPD…Dean always put the needs of others before his own needs…always willing to help out in any way that he was able. We know that he will use his talents and abilities in the best way possible to serve the needs of the GRPD and all the residents of Glen Rock. We wish Dean all the very best in his new endeavor.”

Diane Lautermilch, mother – in -law

BTN would like to Congratulate Chief Ackerman on his appointment. We look forward to increasing communication and working together to get information out to the public. To see the official swearing in go to this video courtesy of Felix Svyder


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