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Unofficial results for Election 2021 – Glen Rock

The "official" unofficial numbers including both Absentee/Mail in and early voting.


The election results this year have been very confusing. How Bergen County posted numbers left many people – journalists, candidates, and others confused to what the numbers included (i.e mail in, early etc).

We even heard the confusion on national programs talking about Bergen County and the results being posted (MSNBC, Steve Kornacki).

So it wasn’t just us confused and having wrong numbers.


That said, here are the “official” unofficial numbers. These include both Absentee/Mail in and early voting.


Glen Rock Borough Council:

2 seats:

Mary Barchetto: 2509

Jill Orlich: 2420

Maria Dolan: 1989

Bill Leonard, SR: 2063


Glen Rock BOE

3 seats:

Sharon Scarpelli: 1589

Karyn Stephenson: 1506

Daniel A Corey: 1460

Elizabeth Carr:1312

Megan Findley: 1352

Stephanie Carusone: 608

Robert Scherer: 1231


40% of Glen Rock registered voters participated in this election.

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