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Borough Council Candidate: Bill Leonard

Running for Borough Council


I am Bill Leonard, Sr. and I am running for Glen Rock Borough Council because I see an opportunity to improve how the borough government establishes priorities and generates solutions to problems. Including different viewpoints to borough government will lead to better solutions. If elected, I will ensure that issues are examined from all sides.

Currently, the mayor and the entire Borough Council are part of a single political party. They represent a particular view and pursue an agenda based on that view. In a town with quite a diversity of interests and perspectives, I find this problematic. Without any differing views, it is too easy for the monopoly party to act as if there ARE no differing views.

Glen Rock would be better served by introducing some balance to the Borough Council. I believe I would be a good choice for three reasons:
1) my temperament;
2) my professional experience
3) my longtime residency and love for our town.

Temperamentally, I am a pragmatist. While there is room for activism in government, I believe we have swung too far in that direction and need to balance with greater pragmatism. My professional experience in process consulting and product management has led to expertise in areas which I believe would be useful in borough governance. Finally, my wife and I have lived in Glen Rock for 24 years, have raised our children here, and have developed both a deep appreciation for what makes this town a great place to live and a desire to give back to the place that has given my family and I so much.

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