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Board of Ed Candidate: Elizabeth Carr

Running to Return to the BOE to be part of effecting positive change.


These questions came from residents of Glen Rock. They were sent to all of the BOE candidates. Their answers have not been edited.

    1. How do BOE candidates intend to address the yearly antisemitic graffiti and antisemitism that occurs in and on school property differently?  Enough is enough.
      • What do you think the district could do more going forward?At no time is discrimination acceptable to anyone.  I do not know what the administration has in place currently to combat this issue, so I would need to review and then possibly make recommendations.  I will say that education begins at home.
    2. My understanding is that Glen Rock children quarantining due to traveling outside certain neighboring states are being required to quarantine and will not receive synchronous learning, while children quarantined for other reasons will receive synchronous learning. I understand that most other NJ school systems are not taking this approach.
      • Are you in favor are not in favor of having that different synchronous learning approach depending on the reason for quarantine?  Why?There are no mandates for domestic travel at this time.  Vaccinated students do not need to quarantine post-domestic travel.  Unvaccinated students should be monitored for symptoms for 5 days upon return.  For international travelers, vaccinated people do not have to quarantine but it is recommended to test day 5 after a return.  Non-vaccinated people need to quarantine for a minimum of 5 days and test.  Virtual instruction should be provided for the following:

        Post international travel, exposure to a positive person regardless of where exposure occurred and positive people in the buildings. It shouldn’t have to take 3 days to provide a link to virtual.  The students can join the class immediately.

    3. We currently have a few trustees on our Board employed by other school districts (three currently with one whose seat is opening up). As such, they are sometimes forced to abstain from votes or participate in certain BOE responsibilities due to a conflict of interest. It is my understanding that some of the current candidates are also employed by other districts. As valuable as it can be to have an educational background at times, would these candidates also be forced to abstain from some future BOE votes?The only thing that I am required to abstain from is the GREA contract.  The contract was just signed so there is no vote in the next 2 years.  There is nothing else that I am conflicted on.
    4. What is your position in regards to the reorg that happened in our schools under the new superintendent? –  (1 principal of both schools and content area supervisors).As I have stated before, the reorganization was done too fast and without any necessary input from all stakeholders


    5.  Do they think we have an issue with community involvement in major school-related decisions and if so, how will they address it if elected?In my opinion, there is no community or stakeholder involvement with the decisions that are being made.  In order for changes to be successful, there has to be buy-in by those who are affected by the decisions.


    6. How will they work with the board if they have dissenting opinions?Opposing decisions are part of healthy conversations.  There should be respectful conversations at all meetings.
    7. What is your attitude to the removal midterms and finals in MS and HS?I am not the appropriate professional to make this decision.  However, I would do my research in order to understand a decision.  A trustee’s responsibility is to accept recommendations by the Chief School Administer who makes these decisions.
    8. Did you accept campaign contributions from the GREA and, if so, are you concerned about the conflict of interest if called to vote on matters affecting the GREA?I absolutely NEVER received any type of donation from the GREA, NJEA or anyone else for this campaign.  The only conflict is voting on the GREA contract and that was just signed. The next contract cycle starts in about 2 years.
  1. What specific steps will you take to repair the relationship between the BOE and the GREA?The only step a trustee can make is to make recommendations.  I would recommend monthly meetings, a climate survey and exit interviews.  This would allow the board to assess morale and then make specific recommendations.
  2. What do you hope to change if you get a seat on the BOE?The 3 most important things I hope to understand are 1) the decline in the relationship between the staff and administration 2) the goal(s) of the superintendent/administration 3) the budget management.  Once I have all the information, it is at that time I will make suggestions to improve, if necessary


  3. Do you approve of the job the superintendent is doing? 

    I do not believe that the superintendent is doing the best job for the students and staff.  There has been no community/student/staff input to the drastic, hasty decisions that have been made.  The superintendent does not respond to community concerns at the board of education meetings and rarely replies to emails.  The exodus of 90 staff members in a 20 month period is indicative of low morale.

  4. On to Covid, the CDC has since changed its cross on Mask waring now Advising that all kids k-12 have a mask on in Schools what is your take on Kids wearing a Mask?At this date, I support masks being worn in schools.  The data shows that masks help prevent outbreaks.  I would like to reassess the data after January and the holiday season to see how the numbers are trending.  However, it is important to note that the state-mandated masks, so there really is not option for the board to go against this.
  5. One thing that people tend to talk about is that teachers tend to leave GR for other schools in your opinion how do we keep them in GR? 

    You are never going to be able to retain every employee hired.  People leave a position for various reasons.  However, where there becomes a pattern, then something needs to be looked at.  The key to retention is morale.  That is of course an area that can be changed.  There would need to be a board conversation to determine how to improve morale.

  6. For readers who might not know you do you have kids that Attend School in GR?My two daughters graduated from GRHS.  I am not sure why this is important.  However, I will say that just because I have no students in the district doesn’t mean I stop caring.  I was fortunate to have my daughters receive an amazing education and want the same for all those that come after them.  I have been passionate about the school district since 2006 when I started to attend board meetings.


  7. How long have you lived in GR?I have been a resident since 1979.


  8. Why do you want to come back to the BOE?I would like to rejoin the board because there are areas of concern from the stakeholders and I would like to be part of effecting positive change.

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