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Halloween Scavenger Hunt


GLEN ROCK, NJ – Who doesn’t like a good Scavenger Hunt?! Two local media sources love them, and they’re sponsoring a Halloween Scavenger Hunt with prizes delivered on Sunday, October 31.


Banana Tree News and TAPinto Glen Rock, your local news sources, are sponsoring a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Winners will be announced on Saturday, Oct. 30 on Facebook and individuals will be delivered by Sunday, October 31.

Contestants will answer 15 questions and take photos in front of area businesses and spots where they find the answer. After they finish answering questions, they are to be emailed, with photos, to [email protected] and [email protected]. By submitting answers, participants agree to be signed up for daily enews for each news source: TAPinto Glen Rock and Banana Tree News.

How to win a gift card: Email the most correct answers and be the first three to hand in those answers.

Gift Card Prizes: $25--Wilkes Deli; $25--Grow-Cery; $25--Kilroy's

Scavenger Hunt Clues:

1. This place was dedicated on January 1, 2020, right before the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, and those who walk there have a total of 6 legs.

2. Where is the only working pay telephone in town?

3. What yummy treat place just had someone drive into its front window?

4. Where is the time capsule buried?

5. Where is the original trolly/rail line located?  Bonus picture – where was the trolley accident?

6. Where are the Hoppers buried?

7. Glen Rock’s original dump was located below what field?

8. Where are you told just to take one, but no one ever does?

9. Hi ho hi ho… What house influenced Walt Disney for the castle of Snow White?

10. What year was the Train Tressel built over Maple Avenue?

11. Where is/was our town name misspelled?

12. The town carnival used to be hosted where?

13. Where was the Texaco gas station?

14. Where in the library was the original children’s section?
— Masks are required in the Library

15. What original pieces are missing from the new bar at the Glen Rock Inn? Find that piece and take a picture with it!

download the Scavenger hunt clues here


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