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Glen Rock Police blotter August 30, 2021, to September 5, 2021

During the period between August 30, 2021, to September 5, 2021, members of the GRPD  handled 309 calls for service, the highlights of which included:


During this past week, the Glen Rock Police Department received 5 additional reports concerning fraudulent unemployment claims.  In each case, unknown actor(s) used their personal information to apply for unemployment.  The detective bureau continues to receive ongoing complaints of this nature and is working with the NJ Division of Criminal Justice which is the lead investigating agency on fraudulent unemployment claims being filed throughout the state.


9:44 AM – A Glen Rock resident reported someone had hacked their son’s email account and subsequently used it to ask them to change the password on a joint bank account.  Believing that the email was legitimate, the password was changed, and the hackers were able to withdraw $ 6,000 from the account.  The bank’s fraud department has been notified and the matter is currently being reviewed by the detective bureau. 


Glen Rock’s Emergency Services were placed in full mobilization as the remnants from Hurricane Ida significantly impacted nearly all of New Jersey overnight Wednesday, September 1st into Thursday, September 2nd.  Regular and Special Police Officers, along with Fire Fighters, aided by DPW workers, responded to a total of 87 calls for service as a direct result of the storm.  The Diamond Brook overflowed causing significant flooding on the Boulevard and Lowell Road areas. The Saddle River overflowed causing significant flooding impacts around the County Park and the area of Prospect Street.

During the height of the storm, officers were only able to respond to calls in the department’s SUV’s and a DPW truck.  The department’s police vehicle sedans could not hold up to the weather conditions during the storm.  In one case, an officer was assisted back to police headquarters by a resident in their personal pickup truck, when the officer’s vehicle stopped working due to rising waters while the officer was attempting to rescue a stranded family in their vehicle. The family was transported home by another good Samaritan, with an SUV, who stopped to help.  

Numerous homes experienced flooded basements, with the most severe having its foundation compromised by the water rendering the home unsafe and causing the family to relocate.  Numerous motorists whose vehicles were driven onto flooded roads had to be rescued.  

There were a series of limited power outages, mostly due to homeowners whose electricity had to be turned off due to flooding basements.  Gas service along the lower portion of Cornwall Road and Beekman Place was shut down while PSE&G dealt with excessive amounts of water that had made its way into the gas lines.

Throughout the day on Thursday, officers worked with tow operators to remove vehicles that were disabled and left in the roadways until the waters subsided.  In addition, officers worked to take police reports to document damages to homes and vehicles due to flooding to assist owners in filing insurance claims.   

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