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 Pros on how runners can sustain motivation


Nick Karwoski, a top 10 ranked US National Team Triathlete, suggests for new runners who just want to get started to “turn the tables and focus on someone other than yourself.”

Nick Karwoski top 10 ranked US National Team Triathlete

Who in your life do you want to make proud or impress? Who inspires you? Put up pictures of those people around your house with post-it notes to remind yourself WHY you want to get started. Seeing the images and words will remind you of your purpose. Setting short term goals while keeping the big picture in mind will help you stay focused on kickstarting a running routine.

For established or more advanced runners, having the guidance of a professional coach can be extremely helpful for setting attainable goals and keeping you accountable.  In fact, 72% of people achieve greater results when they train with someone better than themselves.  So working one-on-one with a coach or having a personalized training plan is one of the greatest ways for runners to sustain motivation and stay on track.

“Make it social! I get motivated to get my runs in by meeting up with people. This helps keep me accountable and less likely to skip when I know someone else is waiting for me. Call a friend and schedule a day and time to run together. Getting a workout in is so much easier when you know you will be spending time with someone you enjoy.”

Michelle Howell professional runner and USTFCCCA accredited coach








Tagalong Pros also say that one of the best motivators is to “pump up the volume!”  Put on your favorite upbeat music and TURN IT UP to help get yourself out the door! Think of songs that make you want to get up and dance!  A driving beat is a huge mood lifter that helps get your brain in the zone and ready to get moving!  To hear some of our personal favorites, check out one ofTagalong’s playlist on Spotify.


“Find something that you can look forward to if you complete the task of getting
your runs in. Maybe it’s something like watching your favorite TV show or splurging on a new workout outfit you’ve been eyeing. Having something to look forward to makes workouts, especially the more challenging ones, more likely to happen.”

Kent Pecora former National Champion and Penn Relays ChampionApple co-founder
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