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Exploring the Delaware Water Gap and Walpack

Exploring New Jersey one place at a time


In the next edition of In the Eyes of a Photographer, I will take you on a trip to Walpack township and the Delaware water gap. Before I dig deep and set off on this photo trip, here is a bit of what led to this. I talk about the photo and settings in the past, but let us spice it up a little this time. I will not only talk about the photos but also about the Location. 

Now you might be saying, Where is Walpack township? Well, it’s close to the Delaware water gap on the Jersey side, but there is a catch. The town is what one could call a ghost town. Reading up on Wikipedia, as of 2010, from the sound of it, only 12 people lived in Walpack township,  maybe less today. When we drove onto the main street off of Route 615, you see the Walpack township Post office that closed in the mid to late 1980s. Looking in the windows, you can see there is an American flag still hanging. However, what captured my eyes after I got home was looking at the FBI wanted a flyer still on the wall.  Because I like watching reruns of unsolved mysteries, I decided to see if one of the guys on the wanted flyer is still out free. After doing a Google search, it ends up that one was arrested a year after the FBI posters went up, thanks to a tip by someone in PA who saw him on TV and recognized him. 

As I was taking the post office photo and walking looking at this town, my mind kept thinking about what life must have been like in those old days looking at the old houses that one of the owners sold the property to the United States back in 1972 and 1974.

The town’s main road is the size of, maybe, the Snack stand and football field together at GRHS, so bottom line, it’s small, and we even came upon this old gas pump.




After checking out Walpack township, we got back onto route 615 and headed to the Delaware water gap along the way, and maybe 1-2min past Walpack, we found this lovely creek that feeds into the Delaware River and add in the green, its heaven for me. We found a little spot where I could get onto the water. Now, if you know me, you know I will do anything to get my photo.  I got out my tripod, my filter, camera, and the remote out and start snapping away. Ever since covid, I have loved playing with the settings on the camera. I put my aperture as high as it can go on the lens I was using, a canon 24-70, a good all-around lens. The higher aperture on this one is 22. Now, I know you might be saying – what is Simon talking about?

Ok, the aperture is how much light you let into the camera, so the lowest the number, the wider the so-called hole is, and you are letting in more light. Now the higher the number, the less light I am getting into the camera. So, being that I had my aperture at its highest,  I had to make sure to lower my shutter speed so I can let in more light for this shot. I had to go 3/5 of a Second bottom line slow. It’s not going to work if you try to hold the camera and take photos with that speed because any such movement with the camera and the photo will come out just poor.   It would be best if you had the tripod and possibly a remote to make it work. This is so your not touching the camera at all, and you use the remote to take the shot to ensure no movement of the camera.  For me, this is just a nice peaceful photo to look at the Rocks in the water along with the trees and the water.

After stopping at this creek, we ate our sandwiches from Wilkes in Glen Rock. 

After a quick bite, we stayed on route 615 to the Delaware water gap. At that point, we stopped at a couple of spots to get a look at the river. On the Jersey / PA  State line, one place was the best spot to end the trip. Here we got a great look at the river.

This spot gave us a lovely look at the river and the wonderful tree line, and in the background, out of Photo is I80. 






Simon Toffell 2 cents:  Overall, it’s 1hr and 30min from Glen Rock. It’s a wonderful day out. Walpack is small you might spend 20 min there. Still, there are many places to hike and walk as you keep going on route 615. If anything, it’s a nice drive. As you get closer to the Gap on 615, it’s all trees. It would be a place to check out in the fall when the leaves have changed. 

Tip:  Cell phone is spotty, so bring a printout of a map from home if you need one. You have one because Google or Apple maps might not work.

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