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Glen Rock Police Blotter September 28th – October 4, 2020


4:56 PM –  Patrols, along with EMS personnel, were dispatched to a residence on the 300 block of Harristown Road on a report of a child struck by a fallen tree.  Upon arrival, officers found that an 11-year-old girl was on a swing, attached to a tree limb when the limb snapped and fell on top of her.  Officers and EMTs administered first aid on scene and the girl was subsequently transported to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood with non-life-threatening injuries.   
5:51 PM – A white pick-up truck legally parked along Harristown Road near Benson Road was struck by a passing white SUV.  A witness provided a license plate number, however, the plate number provided did not match the vehicle’s description.    A check of the area by responding officers proved negative.  Anyone else who witnessed this hit and run accident and who is able to identify the vehicle which fled is asked to contact the Glen Rock Police Department at (201) 652-3800.   
10:11 PM – A Glen Rock resident reported that their 12-year-old son had been assaulted by a teenager while playing with friends at Veteran’s Park on Main Street. Officers were provided with a Snap Chat video showing the much larger teen approaching the child and shoving him to the ground repeatedly.  Based upon information provided, it appeared that the victim had been involved with name-calling towards the teen’s younger brother in the past.
The actor, a 15-year-old Glen Rock male was identified, and the video has been turned over to the Detective Bureau for formal action.  
PUBLIC NOTICE:  The Glen Rock Police Department continues to receive periodic reports of stolen election signs from residents.  While these thefts are an occurrence every election season, entering onto someone’s yard and taking their personal property remains unlawful.  Regardless of which candidates you support, citizens are urged to show respect for their neighbors and fellow citizens.

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