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LTE: Letter for Council Candidates 2020


Letter for Council Candidates 2020
Barry Wilkes, Bill Leonard and Dan Corey

“Glen Rock for All”  is a mantra I would like to see reinstituted in Glen Rock.    
Barry Wilkes with his 36 years of leadership in Glen Rock and surrounding area, his business acumen, his “magna cum laude” intelligence and personality are sure signs of quality,  fairness  and working for all residents of Glen Rock.  Barry has experience in organizations  in the Borough that will serve him well as a Council Member and he is open to ideas from all sides of the table.  He listens and he cares.
Dan Corey,  born and raised in  Glen Rock, has all the qualities of the Eagle Scout. which he is,  that make him stand out for the rest of his life.  Dan will give that same dedication when elected to the Borough Council.  He has expertise in finance and renewable energy, which is totally important to Glen Rock.  With his young family and love of Glen Rock, his interests span all the areas of the Town.   To have a young man of his caliber want to be involved, is great for Glen Rock, now and in the future.
Bill Leonard is a Dean’s List scholar and has a Masters degree from Stevens Institute of Technology.  He has lived with his family in Glen Rock for 23 years.  He, too, has business successes and has managed a two billion dollar budget – impressive!  He has  been very involved in town recreation and continues to have a very successful career  coaching class  athletes and garnering accolades.  His common sense is a great attribute for a Council member. 
Reading the backgrounds  of Barry, Dan, and Bill  should lead one to conclude  that they are eminently qualified to be elected leaders of the Borough we love.  
                                   Vote for Barry Wilkes, Dan Corey and Bill Leonard
read their information:
Carol Knapp
258 Hamilton Avenue
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
201 652 0345
[email protected]

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