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GR Pool closed for the 2020 season


With a heavy heart, the Glen Rock Council announced that the pool will not open this season.After sleepless nights, the pool committee which included Councilmembers Mary Barchetto,  Amy Martin, and Robert Dill, decided, for the safety of both the patrons and staff, it was best not to open this year. There were several factors that mixed into this decision.  Factors include: 
Facility concerns 

Local pools that are opening have much larger grounds than the Glen Rock Pool. The size of our grounds do not lend themselves to social distancing.
Staff concerns 

Increase in burnout due to multiple duties now required. See the Lifeguard Job description document attached below. 

General points 
Our professionals – Office of Emergency Management and Pool Manager, as well as the Director of Parks and Recreation – ALL advise against opening

The lifeguards would have to add in several COVID-19 duties to the long list of their lifeguarding and patron safety duties. Talking to Councilwoman Barchetto, she said, “The Looking Ahead Committee struggled mightily with the recommendation to not open the pool for the season. We know the pool MEANS summer to so many Glen Rockers, but considering our responsibility to protect the safety of our residents and pool staff as well as the financial loss that would be sustained by the Borough, it was the responsible conclusion and we are glad the Council voted to accept our recommendation. We know this decision will disappoint some residents, but we would rather err on the side of caution given the seriousness of this pandemic. We would rather take some criticism now than make a regretful decision that could potentially endanger our residents. We, like everyone else, look forward to a return to normalcy next summer.”Councilwoman Amy Martin commented during the public comment session, “We are looking at state guidelines, but we are still the responsible party at the end of the day. It is unfair for the kids and guards to try to monitor social distancing.”During the open session, several residents thanked them for their heartfelt hard work on making this painful decision. A small bright spot – the Council is hosting a drive-in movie at St. Catherines in August. Attached are the full documents of concerns.

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