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Eyes of a Photographer Spring Edition


In this week’s blog, I am going to talk about taking photos of Flowers at night as COVID-19 has shut everything down. Because of this, I keep looking for things to shoot with my powerful flash and a Macro lens. This lens is great to get in close to flowers and plants. In addition, it makes taking really interesting.  To try this out, I went out one night around 9 pm, to see what would happen.  What I discovered, was that the mixture between the flash and no sunlight made the color of the flowers pop more. That’s never a bad thing.  As we know, flowers are rich in color and can make lovely photos. After trying flowers outside my house, I took the camera into town to take photos of the trees and the lovely plants in town to try to catch the color. The photo we will focus on is one of the flowering trees downtown. There is so much to like about this photo of the opened cherry blossom and the ones that were starting to open up. Add in the background,  some might say “that’s not real, it’s fake”.  That is what makes this photo more interesting.  To get this shot, the camera settings were set on ISO 100 and Aperture at f10. To put it simply,  ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. For example, a photo in the HS gym, the shutter speed is up so less light is getting into the camera. The aperture is how much light is getting into the camera.  The higher the number the less light going into the camera. I also had my Shutter speed at 1/10 so pretty slow. The lens used was the Canon 100mm Marco lens that’s wonderful for close shots.  You will hear me talk about that in a later blog.  What really amazes me is the color.  It is just everything you think about when it comes to spring.

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