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Glen Rock Police Blotter April 20 – May 4, 2020


9:42 AM – A non-profit charitable support organization, with offices on Harristown Road, reported $68,200 in check fraud discovered on their business account.  The fraud was detected by the bookkeeper who noted that nine checks issued over a one-month period did not have the required two signatures.  TD Bank was notified, the account was closed, and the bank has begun the process to replenish the losses to the account.  The detective bureau is currently reviewing the matter.  
5:18 PM – A US Postal Service Letter Carrier reported being bitten by a dog while delivering mail on Ridge Road.  The dog’s owner was issued summonses for allowing their animal to run at large and failure to obtain a dog license.  The matter is currently being investigated by Animal Control in cooperation with the Health Department.  Records reflect that this is the second such incident with the dog in question.  
6:34 PM – A Glen Rock man reported that he had contracted with “Auto House”, a Moonachie, NJ based auto repair service to have work done on his 2006 BMW on April 28th.  When the vehicle was returned to his home the repairs had not been completed and the vehicle had fresh damage to the driver side door.  The company representative, a 65-year-old Moonachie man, refunded the $200 which had been paid in advance for the repairs, but was evasive about the damages to the vehicle.  He claimed that he had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident on Rt. 17 in Paramus on April 28th but did not report the accident.  The Paramus Police Department confirmed that they had no reports of any hit-and-run accidents on Rt. 17 on the date in question.    
The matter was documented and both parties were informed that this is a civil matter and advised to contact their insurance companies. 
5:26 PM – Glen Rock Officers responded to assist the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department in the Glen Rock section of the Saddle River County Park after a citizen reported finding remains, consisting of bones, in a wooded area.  The Medical Examiners Office confirmed that the bones were that of an animal, not a human. 
3:59 PM – A resident on the 100 block of Hamilton Avenue reported that his 2007 Ford Focus had been stolen from in front of his home.  The resident had moved the vehicle from his driveway to the street and inadvertently left it unlocked with the keys in the ignition.  The vehicle was subsequently located by Lt. Frank Riggio, parked and unoccupied on the 200 block of Harding Road.  Video surveillance images were recovered from the area and are currently being reviewed by the Detective Bureau.  The vehicle was examined and returned to its owner.

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