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Hamilton School Family Follows others donating to the Medical Community


Thursday night our Hamilton School Family donated 120 meals for overnight staff at Hackensack Medical Center from our March and April Food Day monies prepared by Merves and Rock Kitchen.Francesca Brick Oven Pizza is donating an equal number of meals to Valley.  Hamilton, Valley, and HUMC all thank our wonderful town for the support!This follows the generous donation of our town in the GR is Never Surrendering movement two weeks ago. CO founder, Terry Mc Bride Announced the movements stats at the 2-week mark;* Total donations: $29,735* Support given to local restaurants: $12,943 * Meals for our healthcare heroes: 1750* Volunteer drivers: 28* GRINS FB group members: 1039He went on to say, “We did not deliver as many meals this week as we would have liked. However this coming week we will shoot to deliver over 2000 meals(!!) and spend over $13k. As part of a collaboration with our sister organization in Wyckoff, we will play a small part in delivery to Valley on Easter of over 700 meals! Starting Monday we will some make trips to Holy Name and we are going to Englewood on Monday and making a second trip to HUMC for the night shift a more regular occurrence. We are also making more trips to the Montvale Marriot as more healthcare workers come from out of state to help. We have added Stone and Rail to our restaurant team and love to see the creative and inspiring notes all our partners include with the meals, along with the pics from our drivers!”The restaurants that are participating are: Francesca Brick Oven Pizza Iachettis Kitchen Merves Bakery Turvinos Pizzaria John Boys PizzaThe Glen Rock Inn Stone & RailBagel CultureRock KitchenWilkes delicatessenAnother Group in town, run by Michelle Torpey,  is collecting individually wrapped snacks, water, and cards to deliver to St. Josephs, Valley and HUMC Hospitals, Community Meals on Wheels Post Office, DPW and more. For more information, Glen Rockers Donates snacks to the Medical Community.  She also made Easter baskets for all the floors at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Michelle wanted to share, ” I’m trying to support health care workers who are working through an unprecedented pandemic. They are true hero’s and putting their lives on the line every day to protect our community. These donations are our way of saying thank you to them in this time of crisis so they don’t have to worry about things like snacks and food. We also send them notes and cards to thank and strengthen them in this demanding time.”Last but not least, Sal from Francesca Brick Oven Pizza has raised over $13,000 to buy and donate 224 cases of gloves. That’s almost a quarter-million gloves! Way to go!! In addition, SAl is supporting other local businesses such as Nector Cafe and The Curious Reader.  He will then give them to members of the community who participate in certain Facebook posts. Sal shared how thankful he is with us, ” I’m thankful for all those who donated and supported our recent glove fundraiser for our front line workers. Over $13,000 and almost 250,000 gloves. That’s frickin awesome.”** all pictures gathered from Facebook

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