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Glen Rock Police Blotter March 30th – April 5th, 2020


8:04 AM – While on patrol, P.O. Jim Donnelly discovered graffiti painted on a utility box near the basketball court.  The damages occurred sometime overnight. There is no known witness nor was any evidence recovered. 
8:39 AM – A Glen Rock man reported discovering an unauthorized transaction on his Visa credit card.  Specifically, charges were made through GrubHub in Boston on March 29th.  He notified the credit card company, however, before they could put a hold on the account three more transactions occurred.  The total amount of the fraudulent charges was $264.  The credit account has since been closed. 
11:53 AM – Patrols were dispatched to Bottle King Liquors on Prospect Street in regard to an irate elderly customer who demanded to enter the store contrary to the social distancing provisions established by the store’s management. The man subsequently spit on the ground near the employee, but not on or at him.  The man left prior to police arrival and an investigation is being conducted to determine his identity.  Anyone who may have witnessed this incident and can identify the actor is asked to contact the Glen Rock Police Department at (201) 652-3800.
3:54 PM – The management of Kilroy’s requested police assistance with regard to a woman who stated that she was sick but was demanding entry to the store.  P.O. Sam Evans investigated and had the woman make arrangements to have a family member do her shopping for her as opposed to exposing store employees and customers to her illness. 
8:06 PM – Glen Rock Patrols, assisted by Bergen County Sheriff’s Officers, conducted a search for an emotionally disturbed adult male who had wandered away from his home hours earlier.  The subject surfaced of his own accord approximately one hour later and was reunited with his family unharmed. 
9:14 PM – Glen Rock patrols assisted in attempting to locate an adult male who had left home to pick up food and had not been heard from in over two hours.  The subject is new to the area, does not own a cellphone and family feared he may have become lost.  
The man was located in another jurisdiction and had, in fact, become lost.  
7:37 AM – While on patrol, Sgt. Mike Trover located graffiti painted on the rear of the Glen Rock Ambulance Corp building.  Anyone who may have witnessed this occurance and can identify the actor(s) is asked to contact the Glen Rock Police Department at (201) 652-3800.
1:52 AM – The owner of a Salem Court home, which is currently vacant and under construction, reported observing a masked party walking through the structure with a flashlight.  This observation was made by the owner via a video surveillance system on the premises.  Responding officers did not locate anyone on-site or in the area, nor were any damages found.  The owner will follow up with the contractor to determine if anything was damaged or is missing from the structure.  
3:26 PM – DPW Employees assigned to work at the Glen Rock Recycling Center reported that the occupant of a white Subaru became irate when he was told that he could not deposit a plastic bag at the center.  The occupant of the vehicle threw the plastic bag at the employee and departed prior to the police being called.  
Anyone who may be able to identify the person involved or a plate number from the vehicle in question is asked to contact the Glen Rock Police Department at (201) 652-3800.
Anyone caught assaulting or physically abusing any borough employee will be charged criminally and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This also applies to the many storekeepers and service employees who are providing vital services to all of us during this time of crisis.  
2:04 AM – P.O. Sarah Orsita was dispatched to a Leigh Terrace home with regard to a reported heated neighbor dispute over landscaping issues.  Both parties were spoken to separately and advised of their options.  No unlawful acts were observed by the officer.

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