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LTE: In support of Dr. Wirt


Dear Dr Charleston and GR BOE members, 

This letter is in support of Dr. Jennifer Wirt. 

Why the concern? First off, we are going to lose a very valuable member of the school community whose resignation will hurt our students. Also, we will be without a middle School and HS Principal next year and they are considering merging the 2 positions like it was years ago. This will leave us with new personnel that are unfamiliar with our students and the community. Before you vote tonight, please open your mind to voting no to accepting her resignation and clarifying the grounds for Dr.. Writ’s resignation.

It was brought to my attention last night, by several upset teachers asking for my help as the media, about the vote to accept Dr. Wirts’ unvoluntary resignation. 

As most of you know, I am a lifelong Rocker. I graduated from Glen Rock in 1988. That said, I am one that looks forward to positive change that will enhance our schools and our town. I realize many Old School Rockers are not as open to change.  It is hard as a school board to grow and change when there are several others out there that are against change. 

My Daughter is 12 in 6th grade.  She is a huge fan of Dr. Wirt. She finds her funny, intelligent and fair. I am writing as a parent, not the media, that will be affected by this. 

Dr. Wirt is a fresh breath of air in our schools. She is a highly educated and very fair person to the students, teachers, and parents. She is not full of fluff and being a “yes” man. 

I have dealt with Dr. Wirt a couple of times due to a few issues that were not getting properly solved with other staff and administration. When I finally talked to Dr. Wirt,  she fully listened to my concerns and stated she will get back to me after looking into the issue at hand. She interviewed the teacher, the child and came back to me with workable solutions. The solutions worked. She did not promise me fluff to get me off her back. She did her job and I was impressed by the solutions and her attitude. 

I reached out to her again to address a concern I have with the same teacher and wanted to meet privately. She emailed me back stating the teacher should be involved but suggested a small one on one meeting, then with the teacher and if need be, with Grace. A perfect solution to show fairness and to work this issue out.  At that meeting, Dr. Wirt was outstanding with working this issue out. Due to nothing being done in the past with the other staff, Dr. Wirt suggested that Grace come to her if there are further issues with her teacher to ensure it gets fixed. 

I know this does not sound like much, but as a non-helicopter/ lawnmower parent who expects fairness, follow-through and consequences, if a child does not follow the rules or causes problems, I really respect how Dr. Wirt handles situations. 

Outside of school, Dr. Wirt is always seeking knowledge that would benefit the school and the children. If you follow her on twitter, she is always tweeting about learning new things for her teachers, students, from her teachers and students. ( see attached examples) 

She is an ASSET to our Middle School and District for the reasons mentioned above and many more. 

If you have any questions and want more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 


Julie Allen 


IF you want to show support of Dr. Wirt, please email the BOE and Dr. Charleston today before the meeting. Also, consider attending the meeting.

Dr. Brett Charleston
[email protected]

 Pres. Sharon Scarpelli [email protected] Term expires 2021
 V.P. Bryon Torsiello [email protected] Term expires 2021
 Kevin Brennan [email protected] Term expires 2022
 Megan Findley [email protected] Term expires 2020
 Edmund Hayward [email protected] Term expires 2020
 Rona McNabola mcn[email protected] Term expires 2020
 Robert Scherer [email protected] Term expires 2021
 Sinead Rundell [email protected] Term expires 2022
 Angela Pucci-Bender [email protected]  Term expires 2022

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