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Glen Rock Police Blotter January 20th – 26th, 2020



10:29 AM – Glen Rock Patrols were dispatched to assist the NJ Transit Police on a report of an individual struck by a train along the Bergen Line Railroad Tracks near the Harristown Road grade crossing.  Upon arrival, they located the female victim in a lifeless state. As this fatality occurred within NJ Transit’s jurisdiction the Transit Police is the lead investigative agency. The GRPD provided support and assistance on the scene.  The RR Crossing was reopened to vehicle and pedestrian traffic at 2 PM.  Read more here.


8:55 AM – The administration at the Academy of Our Lady on Rodney Street reported discovering fraudulent activity on the School’s checking account.  Three forged checks totaling $5,800 had been drawn on the account and cashed by unknown person(s).  The detective bureau is currently investigating this matter.   


12:32 PM – A Glen Rock woman reported that an unknown person had opened an AT&T account using her address.  She learned of this when a collection notice in the amount of $ 1,516.16 was received at her home.  Prior to this notice, no bills had been received.  She has contacted AT&T to dispute the matter and reviewed her personal credit report finding no other discrepancies.  


1:14 PM – The owner of a business in the Rock Road Central Business District reported what she suspected was an on-line scam.  She had received an e-mail from an individual seeking to make a purchase.  The individual offered to pay a total of $2,200 for a $240 purchase.  It was then requested that the merchant transfer the remaining $1,960 to a “party planner”.  The merchant recognized that this was an attempt to defraud her and declined the sale.    


3:54 PM – Patrols were dispatched to the CVS Store at 175 Rock Road on a reported dispute which took place inside the store.  Investigation determined that a dispute had occurred between an adult man and an 11-year-old boy when the child had accidentally stepped on the man’s ankle while in the middle of an aisle.  The man became enraged, grabbed the child by his clothing and pulled him to the front of the store.  The store manager intervened and directed the man to let go of the boy at which time the man fled the store.  The manager then summoned the police.  The child was not hurt during this encounter.

The suspect was described as a white middle-aged male, wearing a grey crewneck shirt and jeans.  He was last seen leaving the area in a dark-colored four-door sedan.  Detectives are currently reviewing video footage from the store and other area businesses in an effort to identify the man. 

Anyone who may have witnessed this incident is asked to contact D/Sgt. James Calaski at (201) 670-3948 or [email protected].   


6:38 PM – Patrols were dispatched to the Exxon Station at Maple Avenue and Highwood Avenue on a reported assault.  Investigation determined that the station attendant confronted a 31-year-old New York City woman who approached one of the gas pumps and attempted to fill a red solo cup with gasoline.  The attendant, also a female, explained to her that she needed to purchase a gas can.  While the woman initially agreed to do so, she subsequently became irate and a physical altercation occurred between the two women.  Both the subject as well as a witness, who did not wish to become further involved, left the scene prior to police arrival. 

All parties involved were subsequently identified and interviewed by officers.  Both women have been advised of their right to sign a complaint with the Glen Rock Municipal Court if they desired.  Responding officers did not witness the incident.  

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