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Glen Rock Police Blotter October 8th – October 14, 2018



Between 8 AM and 1 PM –  The Glen Rock Police Department, in conjunction with the NJ State Motor Vehicle Commission, held a vehicle inspection checkpoint along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza.  The operation, held several times a year, is designed to remove dangerous vehicles from the road and promote safe driving practices.  The checkpoint also had the added benefit of allowing 32 motorists, whose vehicles were due for inspection, to have their vehicles inspected free of charge with only a short wait.  A total of 43 summonses were issued to vehicles found with safety violations.  One vehicle was impounded.  


11:23 AM –  A resident of Hamilton Ave reported he was the victim of identity theft.  The resident stated that he received a phone call from his credit card company inquiring about suspicious transactions on the credit card.  The charges were not made by him and were declined by the credit card company.  The resident then received a FedEx package which he was not expecting.  The package contained numerous blank credit cards from several different banks.  The cards were turned over to the detective bureau for further investigation.  


1:26 PM –  While in Glen Rock Police Headquarters, Sgt. McGovern noticed a strange odor coming from the area of the mechanical room.  Officers were unable to determine the source of the odor, so the fire department was requested.  The Glen Rock and Hawthorne Fire Departments responded and continued to investigate the unknown odor.  It was determined that the odor was coming from Glen Rock Fire Headquarters.  They are in the process of having their floors resurfaced and it appears that the odor of the chemicals used for the resurfacing seeped into police headquarters through a vent in the mechanical room.  Firefighters used fans to vent the area of the chemical smell.  No health issues were reported from the odor, but that section of the police headquarters was evacuated for a short period of time during the investigation.  

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