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Eyes of a Photographer – Sports photography


In this weeks Eyes of a Photographer I will be talking about a photo that I took at last years Homecoming game against Lodi.  Before I talk about this photo and what led to this,  lets dig into sports photography.  Shooting photos of sports can be a lot of fun but also extremely challenging.  High School sports can be one of the toughest ones because each High School gym could have different lighting or seating locations in their gym. When it comes to outdoor sports like soccer or football,  there might be more shade then other places.  

Another challenge in shooting sports, is that you’re trying to capture a moving image. You really need a high shutter speed shooting sports.  You might be asking “what is shutter speed?”. Shutter speed or SS for short is is the length of time when the shutter is open. You also need to play with your ISO.  The ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor.  Because you have your SS up high you are letting in less light so you need to make your ISO higher. The fun part about shooting sports is the action you get when shooting. When shooting sports, I love to try and get that big action play and the celebration after winning the game late or winning in a penalty shootout. 

To get ready to shoot a big play, I listen to the fan noise.  If I hear the fans are going nuts,  I will then get set for what could be a big play or a big moment.  

Lets dive into this photo.  When I took this photo it was late in the game.  Glen Rock and this touchdown gave the Panthers a comeback win.  What I love about this picture is the player is in mid air jumping for joy.  The football in his hands just adds to the shot. You may be asking, “what setting did he have his camera on?”.  I had the SS at 1/2500 of a second but the ISO was set low at 400 with an aperture of 3.5 with a Tamron 70-200MM lens.  Because of the perfect day with no clouds and a lot of sunlight,  I was able to get away with a low ISO.  You might be wondering if I  did any editing.  I did edit this photo using Photoshop CC.  1st I cropped this photo to get rid of the Ref and the sidelines. I also played with the levels to bring out the color and removed of any shadows to help pop this photo more. 

I hope you enjoyed this week in the Eyes of a Photographer next week I be talking about a photo of fog in Maine.

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