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Glen Rock Brook


Welcome to our new feature editorial called “In the Eyes of a Photographer”. 

 In our first edition, I will be talking about the photo of the Brook that caught many peoples eye on Aug 15th.  It looks like a painting. Here you will find out what made me want to take it and how I took it. 

1st a little bit about the photo.  This photo is a close up of the book running under a little Bridge with sunlight catching under the bridge.  If you follow  me on Facebook and follow my photos on many of the Glen Rock Facebook groups your know that I love taking pictures of the Brook by Oxford especial after a good soaking rain.  This is because I love how the green trees sit alongside of the brook and then add in the green from the back of homes that makes for a wonderful backdrop. If the camera is set right it can make for a peaceful photo. Now that you understand what  makes me so interested in the brook.  As I was walking into town during the week of 8-15-18 with all the rain we had got,  the way the water was running under this bridge just caught my eye. I also had been practicing and working on how to shoot good photos of Waterfalls and water since late spring so I was wondering could I get this shot close up with out trees. I 1st asked someone that lives along the brook if it be ok if I could go into the brook and take photos.  When I was told yes a little later in the day, I got my swimming stuff on, some good water shoes I had brought on vacation on along with a t-shirt and got my camera and walked over.  

When I got in, I went to that spot that caught my eye and started to play around with the camera.  When I got my settings ok I started to wonder what would happen if dug in a little bit and stood as if I was about to sit and got the camera as close as it can with out it getting wet so I did it with no problem. I then started to think what happens if I put the Shutter speed down willy low played with the Aperture. Before I go into more info on this photo you might be asking What is he talking about Shutter speed and Aperture.  Shutter speed is the length of time your camera shutter is open, exposing light onto the camera. The aperture in simple terms controls how much light Is going into the camera. When using a lower SS, you want to up the aperture. So with this photo I went extremely low on the Shutter speed put it at ¼ of a second and put the aperture at 8.0 with the ISO at 400 a shutter speed that slow its side you should use a tripod to prevent what is called camera shake.  Knowing I did not have my tripod and knowing how I was set up I knew getting a good crisp shot was low but I side what do I have to lose so I took the photo and was amazed when I saw it worked. You might be saying “ok he edited that photo to make it look like a painting”. But matter of fact, I did little editing. You are seeing  the original image that little changed from the image that got posted on Facebook the only Edit work I did was played with the levels to bring the closer out I also got rid of any shadows to make the photo look that more crisp but a lot was down to luck and how I had the settings set on my camera also down to what lens I used that lens was a Tamron 17-50MM lens a good lens for taking photos of anything but sports.

I hope you enjoyed the photo and getting to know how I took this photo in the next in the eyes of a photographer I be talking about a Sunset photo I took back in July. 

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