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#savefatnoobs …. Can it be saved?


In 2017, Matt Pasquinucci, a Glen Rock High School alumni started a new nighttime business out of Bagel Gourmet called Fat Noobs. This late night sandwich shop focused on “fat sandwiches”. These are sandwiches made out of all different ingredients including onion rings, poppers, French fries and a whole lot more.  

This pop up restaurant became a hit of the town immediately. One of the reasons it was a hit was because Fat Noobs gave a safe and fun place for teenagers to hang out without drinking later in the evening. 

In the past few weeks, there have been incidents on the property that have caused increased liability risk to Bagel Gourmet and the property landlord.  Some of the incidents included, major crowds outside of the restaurant without any safety control outside and  a group of teenagers getting drunk on a Noob night and throwing up in the parking lot in front of the dentists office.  These were not the reasons for the closing of Fat Noobs. Per Joe Marrara, Owner of Bagel Gourmet, ” I had let Noobs try his idea temporarily, now it is time for him to go on his own.”

There have been complaints from families that they did not like their teenage hanging out there late at night. Per a facebook comment, “If the parents don’t want them there, then they have to say no… it is not Fat Noobs responsibility to lay down the rules.” 

As we have seen on social media there is a great uproar around town about this being his last day.

The question from social media is – can Fat Noobs be saved? Per what GRNT found out – it can but not in that location.  Where do you want to see Fat Noobs go? What place in town do you want to see him go to? 

Here is the link to the petition going around town:

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