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GR Police Blotter 7/16 – 7/22 2018


Law Enforcement agencies throughout the region, including Glen Rock, continue to experience a rise in the theft of high-end vehicles. In ALL cases the vehicles were unlocked with the key-fobs left in them.  If a target vehicle is unlocked, and no keys are left in the vehicle, actor(s) remove valuables left in the vehicle. 
A total of five vehicles have been stolen in Glen Rock since last fall.  LOCK YOUR VEHICLES AND TAKE THE KEYS WITH YOU!  


Between 8 AM and 1 PM –  The Glen Rock Police Department, in conjunction with the NJ State Motor Vehicle Commission, held a vehicle inspection check point along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza.  The operation, held several times a year, is designed to remove dangerous vehicles from the road and promote safe driving practices.  The checkpoint also had the added benefit of allowing 45 motorists, whose vehicles were due for inspection, to have their vehicles inspected free of charge with only a short wait.  A total of 76 summonses were issued to vehicles found with safety violations.  Six motorists were cited for driving through the check point while talking on their cellphones.  These types of local checkpoints were instituted when the NJ Motor Vehicle commission eliminated the safety testing portion of motor vehicle inspections as a cost savings measure in 2010, now testing only for emissions. Despite this elimination of mechanical inspections, local law enforcement is still responsible to cite motorists for equipment out of compliance or failure to make repairs.


4:08 PM –  The owner of a rental home on Ferndale Avenue reported that an antique safe was missing from the property after his prior tenant moved out.  The former tenant, who now resides out of state, claimed not to be in possession of the safe. A follow-up with the moving company contracted by the tenant is pending.  


8:14 PM –  The Lodi Police Department detained a 36-year-old Lodi woman wanted on a criminal warrant issued by the Glen Rock Municipal Court.  The woman was taken into custody by D/Sgt. Jim Calaski and Det. Lucas Doney who transported her to the Bergen County Jail.  


As part of an ongoing investigation the detective bureau and patrol division followed up on suspicious activity detected in the area of Grove Avenue and Forest Road.  It was determined that an unlocked Honda parked on Grove Avenue overnight had been entered and rummaged through, but no items appear to have been taken.  Any residents who observed anything or believe that their vehicles may have been entered are asked to call the GRPD Detective Bureau at 201-670-3948 or 201-670-3947.


1:55 PM –  A Glen Rock resident reported that his check in the amount of $815.52 had been mailed to Prudential Insurance via his financial advisor’s Fair Lawn office.  When his financial advisor learned that the check had not been received by Prudential he immediately notified the complainant who followed up with his bank.  Chase Bank confirmed that the check had in fact been cashed via another bank.  Both banks are following up on the transactions at this time.  The detective bureau is reviewing the matter. 


2:18 PM –  Patrols were dispatched to Beekman Wines & Liquors to investigate a possible credit card fraud attempt.  An adult male attempted to purchase $204.95 worth of liquor using a series of four credit cards which were declined.  Upon the fourth attempt the store manager noticed that the credit card was in the name of a female.  The manager then halted the transaction and declined to accept a fifth credit card in the man’s possession.  The subject left the store prior to police being notified.  Video surveillance footage from the store will be made available to detectives for review.  


11:17 AM –  A Glen Rock woman reported returning from vacation to find a letter in the mail from a bank in Delaware concerning a checking account opened in her name.  Upon contacting the bank, she learned that a block had been placed on the account due to suspected fraudulent activity.  At this juncture there are no funds in the account and no fraudulent activity has been detected on her active bank accounts. 


2:49 PM –  The New York City Police Department reported that a vehicle stolen from the driveway of a Dunham Place residence had been recovered by their officers.  The vehicle was recovered during the course of an arrest made by officers in Queens at the 112th Pct.  The owners have been notified where they can claim their vehicle. Detectives are reviewing the arrest with the NYPD as part of ongoing stolen vehicle investigations in progress throughout northern Bergen County. 


4:00 PM –  Patrols, along with Glen Rock Fire Fighters, EMT’s and Valley Hospital Paramedics, responded to De Boer Drive in response to a 9-1-1 report of a large tree limb which had fallen on top of a passing vehicle.  The driver, a 57-year-old Fair Lawn man, sustained a non-life-threatening injury and was transported by a Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps to Hackensack University Medical Center. He was the sole occupant of the vehicle.  For more information read the article here

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