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Fordham’s Professor Harold Takooshian meets with Glen Rock AP class


On June 8, Professor Harold Takooshian of Fordham University served as guest lecturer for Alan Feldman’s Advanced Placement psychology class at Glen Rock High School. Professor Takooshian’s advisor for his doctorate degree was professor Stanley Milgram, the renowned social psychologist well known for his obedience studies. Professor Takooshian discussed the bystander effect, the life and research of Stanley Milgram, plus the history of psychology in New York City. Takooshian and Feldman were consultants to the recent movie “The Experimenter” – directed by Michael Almereyda – which depicts the life of Stanley Milgram. Professor Takooshian (far right) and AP psychology teacher Alan Feldman (second from right) are joined by Glen Rock High School students.

Submitted by: Andrea H. Tahinos
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