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Letter from Bruce Watson, Interim Superintendent of Schools

Submitted by Bruce Watson

To the Parents and Citizens of Glen Rock, 

Recently, public statements regarding safety concerns at the Glen Rock Middle/High School building were made at a Borough Council Public Meeting and subsequently covered by the media. As the Superintendent of Schools, it is incumbent upon me to respond to the statements to clarify the situation and assure the public that the safety of the students and occupants of the building is not being compromised. 

Although the middle/high school building contains steel which can inhibit radio signal strength, the radios used by district staff work within the building, Since the radios used by the Glen Rock Police department do not operate efficiently in all areas of the building, a joint safety protocol was established approximately 10n years ago between the school district and the GRPD through with GRPD officers have access to radios provided by the district. 

Recent discussions between the GRPD and the BOE have led to the conclusion that additional technology should be added to the building to provide an additional layer of security, While those discussions and subsequent actions move forward, the district will continue to provide radios to GRPD for their use in the building. In deference to the safety and security of our students and staff, the specifics of those discussions and plans will not be shared publicly. 

Very Truly yours, 

Bruce Watson

Interim Superintendent of Schools 

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