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Dear Readers,


People have asked why did we go print? With the decline of the Glen Rock Gazette, we felt it was time to try to bring a bi-monthly paper to town that is fully and truly about Glen Rock.  

We have been printing monthly since January, but realized that even sharing on social media,  people were unaware that we exist.

SO we took the leap of faith and decided to mail the paper out.  We have heard nothing but a positive response – Thank you! 

If we get enough advertisers we will then change to weekly. 

Glen Rock News Today (GRNT) can’t exist with out your loyal readership and your submissions of pictures and news. Thank you! Please keep it up. We love posting your stories, pictures and event announcements. 

We are looking for also: 

Wedding and 

Birth announcements! 

We also want to welcome back our sports and event photographer, Simon Toffell. After a few months away, He and GRNT have worked out some issues that prevented us from going forward in the past. 

He as been an asset ever since we were Banana Tree News and am happy to have him back as a invaluable member of the team.

Simon states, “we decided to talk in the sprit of Glen Rock to see if we could work something out I am extremely happy we managed to work something out. I look forward to sharing my talent and work with the town and Glen Rock News Today


Julie Allen 


Glen Rock News Today 

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