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Bear, People, Glen Rock Oh MY!


A 164 pound male, black bear was captured in the rear yard of 545 Doremus Avenue, Glen Rock, on Sunday afternoon, 05/20. NJDEP Fish & Wildlife Division employees were assisted by Glen Rock PD, Glen Rock Volunteer Fire Department and Tyco Animal Control Services.

Around 11am Sunday morning a Glen Rock resident spotted a black Bear in the back yard of her property. She stated, “ The kids said there was a bear in the yard and I was expecting a raccoon or something. I wasn’t expecting it”.

The bear was then spotted sleeping up a tree at 545 Doremus Ave. The Glen Rock Police Dept, GR Fire Department and Tyco Animal Rescue  stayed close waiting for the State Fishing and Gaming to come with a tranquilizer. The Glen Rock Fire Department along with the GRPD secured the scene behind CVS to maintain a safe area for the crowds and the bear.

Once the State showed up, the decision to tranquilize the bear while up in the tree was nixed. The representative  of TYCO stated, “Due to the bear falling and potentially bouncing off of the power lines, they felt it was safer to have everyone leave to let it come out of the tree on its own.” They also had set up a bear trap in the back yard of  the house the bear was located at.

Approximately an hour after the crowds dispersed, the bear came down from the tree. The bear was lured into the NJDEP owned trap by a bag of donuts and some molasses. At that time it was tranquilized so that they can then take the bear to check that it was healthy and then release it in another location.

Contributions by Boyd  A Loving.

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