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GR Police Blotter April 2nd – April 8th, 2018



1:21 PM –  A Glen Rock woman reported that she had been the victim of a “secret shopper” scam.  The victim had applied to become a secret shopper on  She was reportedly asked to evaluate a wire transfer process at a Walmart Store in Riverdale.  In order to do so, she was sent a check for                      $1,691.28 to deposit in her personal bank account to cover the cost of the wire transfer and fees, which were sent to a person in Texas.  She would later learn that the check she was sent was fraudulent.    The Detective Bureau is reviewing the matter.      


4:12 PM – A second Glen Rock resident reported that he was solicited for a “secret shopper” scam.  In this case the complainant found a USPS Priority Mail envelope in this mailbox.  The label appeared to be a photocopy and did not appear suspicious.  Inside was a check for $ 1,350.00 and a letter soliciting him to take part in a Walmart Community Research Secret Shopper program.  The resident recognized this as a fraudulent solicitation and turned the envelope and its contents over to P.O. James Mc Gill.  The Detective Bureau is reviewing the matter.   


9:09 AM – An elderly Glen Rock resident reported that he received a phone call informing him that he had won a $5.5 million prize.  He was told to purchase a Walmart gift card in order to pay the fees involved with the prize.  The man declined to do so and received a follow-up call the next day from a representative who negotiated a payment of $700, payable by check.  He agreed and mailed the check to an address in Chicago.  Sometime thereafter he received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be a National Victim Specialist telling him that he had been the victim of fraud.  As the check had not yet been cashed, he was able to have his bank issue a stop payment.  The man was unable to provide information on what agency the victim specialist represented. Detectives are currently reviewing the matter.  


9:22 AM – A Tonawanda Road resident reported that he received a package from Amazon which had been opened.  Upon inspection he found that the item he had ordered, valued at $37, was missing.  


6:01 PM – An 18-year-old Hawthorne man was detained by the Hawthorne Police Department on an active warrant issued by the Glen Rock Municipal Court for failing to appear in court on criminal charges.  Unable to post $1,250 bail, the man was taken into custody by Lt. Chris Mc Inerney and P.O. Matt Stanislao who transported him to the Bergen County Jail.      

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