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Glen Rock High School announces its Students of the Month for February, 2018


submitted by Andrea H. Tahinos, Director of Communications

Glen Rock High School Students of the Month:

Art Laura Yuan

Business Education  Drew Famularo

Theatre  Caroline Torpey

English  Margaret Hilzen

Health  Rachel Goldberg

Instrumental  Music Dylan Needleman

Mathematics  Erin Howe

Physical Education  Daniel Mendelsohn

Science Ellen Feuss

Sculpture James Harte

Social Studies Laura Yuan

Technology Art Lauren Massaro

Vocal Music Nori Tsiang

World Languages  Jenna Hendrickx

Scholar Athlete of the Month Ryan McAuley

Citizen of the Month Kevin Kennedy


The Citizen of the Month for February is Kevin Kennedy. Kevin is a caring student who has gone above and beyond the usual concern for another student. This young man is in period 8 Advanced Biology. He noticed that there was a student after period 8 who was standing on the sidewalk, ready to be picked up, as if the school day was over. The student looked like he was waiting for his parent to pick him up. He realized that the student thought it was the end of the school day, and he dropped everything to run outside to tell the student that it wasn’t the end of the day and he should come back in. He did this out of concern that the student would be reprimanded for cutting a class. The student thanked him and told him that he actually thought it was the end of the day and he forgot that he had a last period class.

GRHS congratulates to the March 2018 Citizen of the Month for taking action to aid a fellow student.

PHOTO CAPTION: Students of the Month for January are (standing, left to right) Erin Howe, Dylan Needleman, Nori Tsiang, Jenna Hendrickx, James Harte, Daniel Mendelsohn, Ryan McAuley, Drew Famularo, Kevin Kennedy (sitting) Caroline Torpey, Margaret Hilzen, Laura Yuan, Ellen Feuss, Rachel Goldberg and Lauren Massaro.


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