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DEAL or no deal with the energy proposal?


After several informational meetings to educate the borough residents on the DEAL proposal, residents are questioning the “DEAL” of switching the borough’s energy source.  If the council chooses to go forward and switch the energy for the borough, all the residents’ energy source will be switched from PSE&G to the new provider. However PSE&G will still be the biller and maintain the lines. Switching to a different provider will help ensure a lower rate and an increased savings to residents and the borough. After the switch,  residents can choose opt to switch back to PSE&G if they prefer. 

Several residents have questioned this plan, not because of the clean energy, but because of the borough dictating the residents energy choice. 

Councilmen Huisking and Councilwoman Morieko both agreed it should be putting it to a referendum. The  concern with that would be that it would delay it a year.  Because of that concern, the mayor and council have approved a letter to be sent out to all residents explaining the program and asking for their input. You can email the council and the mayor your thoughts on the program also.

Some history: 

The Glen Rock Environmental Commission (GREC) approached the mayor and council about switching the boroughs  electricity source to potentially save the residents between 8% – 12% annually on their energy bills. This choice for the borough is made possible through Discounted Energy Aggregation (DEAL). DEAL is a state program that allows the borough to choose its own electricity supplier as a town.


Why are they considering this? 

Glen Rock Environmental Commission (GREC) is constantly looking at new ways to safeguard the health and environment of this town. 

GREC partners with Sustainable Jersey (SJ) to identify programs that “Green up Glen Rock” and earn us SJ points towards silver certification. (The borough is currently bronze certified)

DEAL will help us achieve modest savings while significantly increasing use of clean energy sources (eg. wind and solar) 

Write to the council; 

1 Harding Plaza

Glen Rock, NJ 07452 

or email them at: 

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