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Review: Stone and Rail


Shhh, a super duper not so secret sneak peak happened at Stone and Rail on Saturday. 

Being the small town that Glen Rock is, news and sometimes, bad gossip can spread like wildfire. News of a soft opening at Stone & Rail reached us all the way in Hawthorne where were having dinner Saturday night. No food was being served at the new spot, but the bar was open for business, so we headed there after paying the check.

The interior has an updated rustic feel. It feels pretty spacious, but not cold. The new bar is huge, maybe more than double the size of the previous bar that was there.  They carry 20 beers on tap that are written in chalk on boards in a way that is easy to read. Not being a big beer snob myself, I wish the types of beers were noted along with the ABV%. No biggie, but that can be easily remedied. In the upstairs area, there is a shuffleboard and pool table, which is pretty cool. The party room didn’t have tables or furnishings, but that may be arriving soon. I guess it could be a dining area, as well as I was surprised that the place had more of a bar feel to it than a restaurant feel. I look forward to feasting on the eats by renowned chef  Adam Weiss.

Addendum, Management commented in a post on their Facebook page that they were having the preview on Saturday afternoon.


Christopher Holt

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