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Councilman Arthur Pazan retires after 12 years on the council


The council meeting held on January 3, 2018 was Councilman Art Pazans’ last one. For 12 years, Art served on the Glen Rock Council. He was an asset to each committee that he was on.

  • Liaison and member of:
    Planning Board
    Library Board
    Recreation Advisory
    Senior citizens advisory board
    Public Safety
    Buildings and Grounds
    Volunteer Ambulance Corps

One of the things that Art prides himself with is that he asked the question – can we get this cheaper? do we need to pay this price? Those types of questions are ones that made him stand out and help him do his “job” fully.

When Art joined the council, one of the first tasks that he was assigned to vote for was adding the cell tower in town. This was a huge bonus for the town financially.  Art was also the first and only councilman to ride on a garbage truck to see about rear yard pick up. He also rode in a GRPD police car for two years on Goosey night to see what police were doing.

Council member MIke O’Hagan stated, “Art is a wonderful man who has served our town for many years before ever being a councilperson.”

Through his 27 years of volunteering for the town, his biggest and proudest moment was the redesign of renovations to Hamilton Field joint project between GRBA and BOE and the Borough. One of the other things that Pazan was an asset in is adding the lap swim in the pre and post pool season. He uses that lap swim time every day. He also helped redo the football snack stand at Faber field  so that they did not loose money anymore.

Many years Art spent on the zoning board. What he did differently then the rest? He went to the homes of people asking for variances and design changes to their house and property. He did this to understand the project. The residents that he visited were happy that he did. This action allowed the zoning board to fully understand the proposed project.

One of the lows that Art experienced as a council member  was the lawsuit with Ridgewood Water. It is still not resolved after many hours of closed sessions and costs to the Borough.

What are his plans moving forward?

Spending time with his family, traveling, playing more music and swimming during the early and late season lap swim.

Looking back on the past 27 years, Art reflected that, “All I was ever doing was giving back to the community that gave my family so many opportunities. I was accepted from day one with open arms it is a great place to raise a family and great residents ”




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