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Glen Rock Mayor works with HS students to help those in need


As the many challenges to the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico continue to make for a slow and frustrating process, Mayor Bruce Packer is working with Glen Rock High School student, Gabriella Mangome, to lead a community effort to raise much needed funds that will go directly toward the efforts.

Gabriella and Mayor Packer ask residents to strongly consider making a donation using one of following two methods:

  1. Go to our GoFundMe website at and make a donation; OR
  2. Leave your donation in one of the many donation boxes that are available around town including one at Borough Hall and one at the Glen Rock Police Department window. Many local schools will be assisting in the effort as well and many local stores will have boxes including Shades of Soho (175 Rock Rd), Zen Rock (175 Rock Rd), Fabulous Floors (241 Rock Rd) and Mathnasium (236 Rock Rd).

You can also access the GoFundMe page via the Borough website in the left menu under ‘More Shortcuts’ or at:

All proceeds will benefit Puerto Rico via, an organization with a four star rating on Charity Navigator.

Glen Rock News Today asked  Gabriella why she was getting involved and what inspired her.  “What inspired me to do this was that it had a personal connection with me. Being that my family was affected by it, and that I am Puerto Rican, I knew that I had to help those affected by this tragic hurricane. “I can’t wait to see how this project progresses and how close it will bring the community together.

With the help of my team and Mayor Packer, it has really helped get the word out and build a great foundation for this community service project.”

“Thank you Gabriella for taking the lead on this campaign, along with her team that includes Ashley Robinson, Morgan Murray, Matthew Shiels, Sophia Kobylowski, Grace DeSalvo, Anthony Giannantonio, Lewis Friedenthal, and Samara Rosen, and Katie Lapkin.”. Mayor Bruce Packer


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