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From Mayor Bruce Packer


On Election Day, Glen Rock residents, once again, showed that they understand and value the importance of local engagement, as they had one of the highest voter turnouts in the county at almost 50%. Through consistent participation in the election process, council meetings, and a growing number of wonderful Glen Rock events, residents continue to embrace their ‘seat at the table’ when it comes to current issues and the future of our town.

We especially thank the candidates, all of whom were willing to make a commitment to you, the residents, to keep Glen Rock moving forward. Specifically, we thank Eileen Hillock and Michelle Torpey for their willingness to serve as Glen Rock Council Members and we thank current Council Member Bill Leonard, who was willing to serve, not only Glen Rock, but the entire 38th Legislative District as an Assemblyman. While these candidates came up short, there is no doubt that they will continue to serve this community as they have done for many years in various capacities.

We congratulate current Council President, Amy Martin, on her victory as she will serve at least three more years on the Council and we welcome new Council Member, Dr. Arati Kreibich, who has been a longtime volunteer and will now add her voice to the Glen Rock Council. Mayor Bruce Packer says, “I am excited to continue serving with Council President Amy Martin and look forward to the new ideas and fresh energy that Dr. Arati Kreibich will bring to our council and our town.”

We further congratulate the winners of all state, county, and local elections. Please find results below:

Governor/Lt. Governor – Philip Murphy/Sheila Oliver
State Senator – Bob Gordon
General Assembly – Tim Eustace, Joseph A. Lagana
Board of Chosen Freeholders – Joan M. Voss, David L. Ganz
Members of the Council – Amy Martin, Arati Kreibich
Public Question #1 – YES
Public Question #2 – YES
Board of Education – Edmund C. Hayward, Rona D. McNabola, Megan Marie Findley


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